Use all the words

That desperately, desperately, will to break through the barriers of thoughts

Thoughts that are not there

                    Emptied, to fill them again with the                       purpose of a word

To attempt to say something

To will them to say something, not anything

Thoughts that do not know where they are going

To attempt to go somewhere

To will to go somewhere, not anywhere


                    Without knowing
                    this desire,
                    blind and


– in search of a goal and imperative, so as to not descend into a speech of empty meaning.

“In the process of putting so much pressure on language, thought ceases to be satisfied with the support of words; it bursts away from them in order to seek its resolution elsewhere. This ‘elsewhere’ should not be understood as a transcendent realm, a mysterious metaphysical domain. This ‘elsewhere’ is ‘here’, in the immediacy of real life. It is from right here that our thoughts rise up, and it is here that they must come back. But after what travels! Live first; then turn to philosophy; but, in the third place, live again. The man in Plato’s cave has to go out and contemplate the light of the sun; then, strengthened by this light which he keeps in his memory, he has to return to the cave. Verbal philosophy is only a necessary stage in this voyage.”






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