you, of rejection

you destroy me so that they can no longer remember
you break me down because you think they will forget
you resent this humble earth that covers my remains
and wish to submerge our untold secrets with your tainted intent

drowning of our secrets, drowning of our name

the life of me runs through them
a life always routing itself towards tomorrow

they will hold the sun within their mouths to shed light on everything unknown
on everything untold
will be told

will be told with each tomorrow

our sun will dry your drowning waters
to bring back the day
to bring back the land
the light within their mouths will kiss the flame onto tomorrow
so that they will always remember
so that they will never forget

so she goes to embrace her parents
and this is why she embraces her name
they tell the secret, the secret story of where she came

with each memory
each connection to our beginning
each bond of the light within our mouths
we become heirs to the light

we, of the light

Note: Pasargad, Iran, home to the ancient tomb of Cyrus the Great – the founding father of the first known Declaration of Human Rights – is under threat by the flooding of the Sivand Dam by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Hundreds of unexcavated archealogical sites in the Bolaghi Gorg (Tang-e Bolaghi) will be completely emersed by water from the dam, set to flood that whole area. It is also thought that the change in moisture levels in the air will damage the ruins of Persepolis, the palace of the ancient Iranian Empire, by speeding up the decomposition of the limestone that it is made from. These are important living pieces of history for the whole world and both Pasargad and Persepolis are world heritage sites. Please show your support against the filling of Sivand Dam and the flooding of these places of antiquity by signing the online petition. See below for more information on the dam, the effects, and the committee organised to put a stop to this. Remember the beautiful Buddhas of Bamyan…

[this poem was completed on the 8th of december, 2005. it was written for a documentary to be shown on an LA based iranian tv channel (channel 1) about the construction of the sivand dam. click here to sign the petition]
farsi translation at save pasargad
english at save pasargad





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